Original creators of geometric tapestry jewelry

Originators of one of a kind handcrafted jewelry designs handmade in sunny Florida.

Originators of geometric tapestry jewelry since 2010, we specialize in handcrafted artisan wearable art pieces constructed with raw brass materials, handsculpted metal and resin clay. Influenced by woodland nature and geometric forms we create one of a kind handmade futuristic warrior motifs made from raw quality materials. Our pieces are a reflection of years of creative evolution and design expertise. Sea of Bees Jewelry was the creation of Stephanie, a sculpture artist and designer with years of experience in jewelry design. Since 2010, we've been handcrafting original sculpted and geometric tapestry jewelry by hand and although we've turned down many offers to mass produce our handcrafted pieces, we believe happiness is handmade - Simply put, there's no match for artisan innovation and handcrafted craftsmanship from quality sourced materials. We're proud to be the best in our craft.

Sea of Bees Jewelry has been recognized globally for our unique handcrafted wearable art pieces and have been featured in magazines, music videos, music festivals and newspapers.

Meet the Team

Happiness is Handmade ▲ Artisan Handcraft

Mrs XName: Stephanie
Role: Designer, Handcrafter & Founder

Stephanie is a jewelry artist & graphic designer with a traditional art background in sculpture and design based in the sunny woods of Central Florida. With a lifelong passion for jewelry art + design, years of experience and a keen eye for design, SOB arose out of an itch to create pieces she had always wanted to wear. Our vision was to design a jewelry collection encompassing pieces that represented a reflection of nature, wild animals and whimsical fantasy thru ornate realism with a modern twist.

Mr YName: Erik
Role: Production Manager, Media Operations

Favorite Sea of Bees Product:
Polaris Necklace

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